Grow with us in Jesus Christ!

We are a church comprised of people who love Jesus Christ, who believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and who long to worship and serve the living God.

Contemporary Service 9AM / Blended Service 10:30AM
220 North Erie Street, Three Rivers, MI 49093

Welcome to TRBC!

We are so glad you found us! Look around, see what we are about, and listen to some compelling sermons from Pastor Jay Bailey and Youth Pastor John Hicks. If you are in the area, be sure to stop in and see us! We gladly welcome you in with servants' hearts and open arms.

We hold two weekly services on Sunday at 9AM (contemporary) and 10:30AM (blended service). We also offer a Sunday evening service at 6PM. Wednesday evenings are packed full of activities including Youth Group, Awana and Prayer Fellowship. We also offer many classes and studies to help grow your faith. Click on the Ministries tab to learn more.

We hope you find this site and our church and church family a blessing and hope you can become a part of the exciting things happening at TRBC!

  • Tuesday, 2-8:30PM - Directory Photos
  • Wednesday - 2-8:30PM - Directory Photos
  • Wednesday - 6:45PM - Prayer Fellowship
  • Thursday, 9AM - Ladies' Bible Study
  • Thursday, 2-8:30PM - Directory Photos
  • Saturday, 1-4PM - Graduation Open House
What's Happening

Thank you for your patience as we update to our new website. We are working towards finishing a few pages so don't let the missing links concern you. Look forward to those pages being done in a few weeks.

MAY 26-28

TRBC is hosting family portraits on May 26-28. Check with the church office for details. We are asking that you schedule in advance if possible. To do so, follow this link.


Pastor John and Jennie and family will be on vacation through May 31.


VBS needs several free standing tents. Please contact Pastor John at the church if you have one or more we can borrow (after he returns that is). Additionally, we are looking for someone with woodworking expertise who could make 100 toy sheep before August. If you have the abilities and equipment, please let PJ know asap.

MAY 31

Pat and Ruth Neff from Friends of Israel will be with us this Sunday. It's always encouraging to hear updates on their ministry as well as learn from Pat's teaching.

MAY 31

Following the evening service on the 31st, we will be holding a congregational meeting to consider changes to our church's by-laws. Please pray for the upcoming meeting and plan on attending.

MAY 31 are invited to a baby shower for Alyssa Hall Sunday, May 31, at 4PM in the FLC. This is a great opportunity to meet Weston. Please RSVP on the bulletin board.